TinyGateway: a versatile and flexible product

Introduction: what is a “gateway”

A gateway, in IT and telecommunications, is a device that acts as a connection point between two networks or two heterogeneous systems, allowing them to communicate and exchange data. The need to use a gateway arises from the fact that different networks can use different protocols and communication standards for sending and receiving data. The gateway therefore has the task of making the data compatible for both networks.
Gateways play a fundamental role in the interconnection between heterogeneous systems, facilitating communication and the exchange of information between them. If we think of a gateway, we think of a mostly fixed device that receives and sends data.
This tool is extremely important for location networks. In a location system, a gateway is an access point or device that acts as an intermediary between located devices and the location management system. Its main task is, in fact, to collect position data from location tags and forward it to the management and monitoring system. Considering the importance of this device for the localization system, BlueUp has developed a new family of innovative gateways, the TinyGateway family, characterized by high versatility and flexibility, and with an intuitive and easy-to-use management and configuration interface.

The versatility of the TinyGateway

TinyGateway family is made up of ten different variants, each of which offers specific features to meet the various needs of users. TinyGateway is available in Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz or Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, and for both technologies, there are WiFi and Ethernet (with PoE support) versions, both in the standard model for indoor applications and in the rugged model (with IP65 protection) for outdoor and industrial applications. Additionally, the LTE version is available in Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz technology and will soon be available in Bluetooth Low Energy technology as well.
BlueUp TinyGateway family offers innovative solutions for IoT connectivity. In fact, thanks to the versatility of the devices and the multiple connection options, whether you need a Wirepas or Bluetooth LE gateway, with WiFi, Ethernet or LTE connectivity, a solution for indoor, outdoor or industrial environments, the TinyGateway family offers everything you need to carry out a project easily, flexibly and at low costs.
Our gateways enable you to deploy cost-effective, robust, high-density short-range IoT applications with unprecedented performance, offering advanced functionality in a compact, flexible and user-friendly format. To learn more about the different features of TinyGateways, click here.

Some curiosities you don't expect about our gateways

A sensor gateway

TinyGateway WiFi version can be used as an IoT sensor, with the possibility of choosing between BLE, Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz or WiFi communication. We designed TinyGateway board to be compatible with MikroE Click Boards: thanks to the wide selection of sensors, it is possible to transform TinyGateway into an IoT sensor to monitor physical or environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, etc...
For applications requiring the addition of environmental sensors, an enclosure with ventilation holes is available.
The process for obtaining a custom IoT sensor is really simple: just choose the sensor from the MikroE catalog (or provide us with the specifications for a custom sensor) and preferred communication technology. We will develop the firmware and in a short time it will be available, ready to use: in this way TinyGateway WiFi becomes a real development kit for IoT applications!

TinyGateway Bluetooth Low Energy: gateway and beacon, all in the same product

Generally gateways and beacons are two different devices:
1. Bluetooth LE gateways are devices that act as a bridge between Bluetooth Low Energy devices (such as sensors, tags, wearable devices, etc.) and a local network or the Internet. Their main purpose is to collect and transmit data from Bluetooth devices to a cloud platform or centralized server. This is useful when you want to monitor and manage data collected by different Bluetooth devices.
2. Bluetooth LE beacons, on the other hand, are devices that transmit a signal at regular and constant intervals. This signal can be detected by Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and used to provide location-based information or send notifications and relevant content to users, or again, they can be used, together with an antenna system, to develop localization platforms indoors.
Although IoT gateways and beacons are distinct devices, all TinyGateway devices in the Bluetooth LE version are capable of operating in scanning-mode (as BLE receivers), in advertising-mode (as BLE beacons), or simultaneously in both modes.
These characteristics give extreme flexibility to the product, which becomes a real "Swiss army knife" of IT.
The benefits of using BLE TinyGateways used as gateways: our family of gateways was designed and manufactured with the intention that we wanted to provide economical devices with unprecedented performance compared to other gateways on the market, which could allow the implementation of short-range IoT applications, robust and high density.
The advantages of using BLE TinyGateways used as beacons: using TinyGateways as beacons is advantageous if you need even more robust devices of standard beacons or if you want to power the beacons. In fact, beacons are generally battery-operated devices with a limited life cycle. Using TinyGateway as powered beacons, without batteries, eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Furthermore, the use of TinyGateways as beacons is particularly advantageous when higher reliability than standard beacons is needed. With constant power, the risk of interruptions in transmissions is eliminated, ensuring a constant flow of data and information. This solution is ideal in scenarios where information loss is unacceptable and continuity of operations is a priority.

This is why the best choice you can make is to use our gateways for your IoT projects...

To summarize what we have seen so far, TinyGateway stands out as a versatile and flexible solution for IoT connectivity needs, offering a wide range of options to meet different user needs. In addition to being available in different technologies and different types of connectivity, the ability to transform TinyGateways into IoT sensors through compatibility with MikroE Click Boards adds a level of customization and versatility, allowing users to easily create tailor-made solutions to monitor a wide range of environmental parameters. Finally, the ability of TinyGateways Bluetooth Low Energy to function as both a gateway and a beacon offers high operational flexibility, ensuring greater reliability. TinyGateway therefore represents a cutting-edge option for IoT connectivity needs, offering a wide range of advanced features in a compact, user-friendly and low cost format, ideal for implementing innovative and robust solutions.