New year, 3 new products

Let's start the new year with the announcement of the launch of three new products, that will revolutionarize the market of IoT solutions for smart buildings: industry plants, warehouses, hospitals, offices, schools, ...

Smart tracking and smart safety

Location technologies are playing a central role in the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The possibility of knowing the position and state of all the components of a production site (people, vehicles, semi-finished products, containers, ...), allows you to create a digital twin from which you can extract the KPIs of interest.

The 1st product is an innovative, flexible and easily scalable platform for locating and tracking people and physical assets in indoor environments. Compared to other solutions on the market, our solution stands out for its maximum simplicity in design and installation: no wiring is required to create the localization infrastructure. Not only that, the platform natively integrates functions designed for the safety of workers, such as the management of events as button-push, shocks, man-down.

Indoor monitoring for healthier and more efficient buildings

Monitoring of indoor climate and air quality is becoming more and more crucial for the healthness of people and for energy efficiency of buildings. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the spotlight on the need to live in healthy environments: various studies have shown, for example, that high levels of CO2 (linked to overcrowding and poor ventilation) are associated with an increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The 2nd product is a wireless sensor network of battery-operated devices, that allows to connect sensors and actuators into a single wireless infrastructure.

Centralized system for monitoring Bluetooth LE beacons

Managing fleets of Bluetooth LE beacons installaed in buildings and used for proximity, way-finding and indoor navigation mobile-based applications is always a mess. Modifying beacon broadcast settings (as the transmission power or interval) implies an operator near the beacon with a dedicated manager app. This requirement implies availability of trained technical personnel, travels, waste of time and resources. Alternatively, using Bluetooth LE gateways adds cost and complexity to the infrastructure.

The 3rd product is a centralized web-based management tool for monitoring and configuration of remote Bluetooth LE beacons installations, without the need of any additional hardware. You can check the battery status or change the transmission power of your beacons from the comfort of your desk.

Imagine if these three products became one! There it is:

All for one, one for all: MeshCube is the revolutionary 3-in-1 platform for Smart Buildings that integrates different functional modules into one single infrastructure:
MeshIPS provides functionalities for asset and people tracking and for managing workers safety (alarm notifications as panic-button or fall dectection);
MeshSense creates a wireless network of battery-powered sensors and actuators for remote monitoring and control;
MeshBeacon offers a centralized management dashboard where you can remotely manage the Bluetooth LE beacons in your installations.

Thanks to its interfaces based on HTTP or MQTT APIs, integrating MeshCube into your end-application for industry, logistics, hospitals or offices management is really simple and straightforward.

What can you do with MeshCube? To answer this, nothing better than referring to a typical use case. Let's refer to the healthcare sector.

You can install battery-powered Ultra devices in the hospital departements to be used as anchors for indoor positioning of people and assets. The technical staff can be equipped with Badge-Holder: in this way it is possible to continue to use the existing access control system based on NFC cards, but at the same time to monitor personnel presence and maintenance activities in real time. Doctors and nurses are equipped with SafeX Lite: thanks to the alarm button, they can send a request for localized assistance in the event of an emergency (attack, illness, ...). TagX tags are applied to all physical assets (stretchers, wheelchairs, medical devices, ...), to know their position, estimate the time of use, prevent loss or theft.

Some of the anchors can be Ultra Deluxe, which include CO2 sensor: in this way you keep rooms air quality under control. In case of values above threshold, you can send alarm commands to Forte+ blinking the high-visibility LED in the room.

Finally, hospital manager is interested in developing an indoor navigation app, to provide hospital visitors with a simple and intuitive tool to navigate the labyrinth of wards and clinics. No additional infrastructure costs: each Ultra anchor can be remotely enabled to function as a Bluetooth LE beacon, periodically broadcasting a fully configurable iBeacon or Eddystone packet.

All this can be implemented with 0 meters of cables and no additional communication infrastructure (as WiFi, LoRa, LTE, ...). MeshCube is based on state-of-the-art wireless mesh technology Wirepas Massive, that allows to create networks of thousands of nodes, with native support for tag localization.

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