BlueUp at A&T 2022

BlueUp will be present at A&T - Automation & Testing 2022, which will take place in Turin, Italy, from 6 to April 8, in the prestigious headquarters of the Oval Lingotto.
The A&T Fair has the honor of being the first event of the 2022 calendar dedicated to technologies for the industrial world.
There will be six areas of interest:

• Test and Metrology
• Smart manufacturing
• Smart logistics
• Additive Manufacturing
• Production control
• Process control

You will find us at the H2 stand, near the Logistics Competence Center.

Will be presented during the event:

Slim Tag

With the growing demand for localization systems associated with the implementation of solutions for Industry 4.0, the use cases in which tags are required to track assets, containers, semi-finished or finished products, are innumerable. Many of our customers have asked us in the past for a slim and small Bluetooth LE asset tag that would provide reasonable operating life, but with replaceable batteries and several alternative attachment options. With these requirements in mind, our hardware development team has created a new device: Slim Tag.

This Tag shares the same electronic board as BlueBeacon Tag Gen2 (which has been renamed Keyfob Tag), with a different coating. Slim Tag is only 8 mm thick but, thanks to 2 replaceable CR2032 button batteries, it can last up to 3 years with a Bluetooth Low Energy advertising interval of 1 sec. Slim Tag can be fixed with double-sided tape or, thanks to the two side slots, with clamps or screws. Slim Tag can be used to track small containers in logistics, medical equipment in hospitals, tools or personal protective equipment (PPE) in manufacturing or construction sites.
Like many other BlueUp devices, Slim Tag is available in different variants firmware: standard Bluetooth LE beacon (iBeacon and full Eddystone support), Quuppa Compatible (based on Quuppa library for AoA RTLS), Wirepas Massive (mobile tag for Wirepas v5. X mesh networks).

Slim Tag joins our tag family for asset tracking applications which also includes TagX, Forte +, Brick. With our smart tags, you can track physical assets ranging from the size of a laptop to the size of a container.


Ultra is the the ultimate anchor beacon in four versions (Zero, Base, Plus, Deluxe): directive antenna for room/floor detection and accuracy improvement, dual power-supply option (battery and USB), environmental and air quality (CO2) sensors. Available either as Bluetooth LE beacon or as Wirepas anchor node.


MeshCube is a revolutionary all-in-one no-wiring platform for Smart Building, which integrates three configurable modules capable of providing multiple applications: MeshIPS for localization and safety of people and resources, MeshSense for monitoring indoor climate and air quality, MeshBeacon for centralized monitoring and configuration of fleets of Bluetooth LE beacons used for indoor navigation systems based on mobile apps.

Those interested in attending can register here or contact us directly.