Irbema chooses BlueUp for its Bluetooth Low Energy indoor tracking devices which stand out for their long battery life and easy maintenance.

BlueUp is pleased to announce the new partnership with Irbema Srl. Irbema is a point of reference throughout Italy for the value-added distribution of solutions and services in the ICT market.

To respond to the growing need for greater safety in the workplace, Irbema offers protection systems for lone workers with indoor localization functions. The scalable and adaptable technology to each sector, provides a network of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons compatible with the man-down devices of the TWIG brand.

“By marketing premium quality security systems, we only choose partners with recognized reliability” , explains Gianmarco Celtana, General Manager of Irbema. “More and more often our customers ask us to be able to intervene with speed and precision following a personal alarm. To enable this level of efficiency, advanced indoor localization technologies are required, which rely on an infrastructure of beacons capable of accurately transmitting their identity, equipped with a long-lasting battery and characterized by simple maintenance. For all these reasons, after a careful analysis of the market, we tested and selected the BLE beacons produced in Italy by BlueUp, proposing them in the price list ".

“When it comes to worker safety, nothing can ever be taken for granted. The worker must be able to feel protected at all times and in any environment. In this sense, Bluetooth LE technology represents an element of fundamental importance: thanks to the Bluetooth LE beacons it is possible to locate the worker equipped with a personal mobile device even in the most remote areas, where the GPS signal is not present or is unreliable". According to Alessio Cucini, CEO of BlueUp “BlueUp beacons, of the BlueBeacon series, have contributed to make Irbema's already excellent security systems even more precise and reliable. But this is only the starting point, not the ending point. The field of workplace safety is so delicate and complex that every day we face new challenges and we are committed to overcoming them in the best possible way, constantly investing in Research and Development for new products and innovative solutions ".


BlueUp, an innovative SME founded in 2014, is the leader in Italy in the technology of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and tags for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the intense research and development activity, together with strategic technological partnerships, BlueUp has managed to establish itself both on the Italian and international markets. BlueUp develops and produces certified tags and beacons that support the main market standards: iBeacon, Eddystone, Quuppa (RTLS AoA), Wirepas (mesh networks). BlueUp offers distributed identification, localization, tracking and monitoring systems for manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, security and smart building markets.


Hear, see, check and communicate. These are the fields in which Irbema has specialized, becoming a point of reference throughout Italy for the value-added distribution of solutions and services in the ICT market. Since its inception in 1987, Irbema has always combined product know-how with technological innovation, managing to become a well-known and established reality throughout the Italian territory. The attitude to offer the market always new ideas and solutions is developed by collaborating every day with the best companies in the ICT sector. The solutions promoted by Irbema, both targeted and broad-spectrum, include fixed and mobile communication platforms and systems, GSM systems with personal messaging and alarms for isolated operators, intelligent hospital communication systems, sound diffusion systems, digital audio and videoconferencing, sound evacuation systems (EVAC), intelligent video security systems, video management platforms and alarms over IP.