TagX rated IP67 and ... new variants coming

We are excited to share with our customers and partners some important news on TagX, one of our asset tags for Smart Tracking, suitable for identification and localization of pallets, pallet trucks, equipments, containers, ...

TagX has been successfully certified for IP67 rating, for protection from dust and water. From now on, it can be used outdoor and, in general, in all applications where it is required a high level of protection from environmental and atmospheric agents.

But the news doesn't end there. The range of TagX devices will be enriched by variants with advanced functionality, which allow the use cases to be significantly expanded:

TagX LED: with two high-visibility LEDs (red and yellow)
TagX BUT: with call button
TagX SHT: with temperature and humidity sensor

The new versions of TagX will support all our techonologies:

TagX BLE: for proximity applications and for RSSI-based RTLS using Bluetooth Low Energy (like BlueUp LocateBLE localization platform). It can broadcast packets based on main standards for proximity beacon, as iBeacon and Eddystone, but it also supports Quuppa Emulation Mode packets and custom BLE advertising packets for motion and sensor data.

TaX Quuppa: based on Quuppa libraries, it has native support for Quuppa SW features, including back-channel for commanding and configuration, OTA FW upgrading, Quuppa proprietary channels. Compatible with any Quuppa RTLS infrastructure (based on AoA technology, for sub-meter localization accuracy), including BlueUp AccuRTLS platform.

TagX Wirepas: with full support of Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz (V5.1 and beyond), a wireless protocol that uses a multi-hop, self-organizing, and decentralized design for ultra-low-power mesh networks. It can be used with any location platform based on Wirepas technology, including Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE) and BlueUp MeshCube.

Want to know more about the new TagX and all its variants? Contact us now! We will be happy to help you.