BlueUp at Droidcon Italy 2016

BlueUp will be present at Droidcon Italy 2016, the most important Italian Android developer conference: 2 days, 70+ talks, 100% Android! Droidcon Italy 2016 will be held at Centro Congressi Lingotto in Turin, on 7-8 April 2016.

The main idea behind all Droidcon events is to support the Android platform and build up a networking event for developers and companies. The conference offers talks covering different aspects of the Android ecosystem, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions and games. In the exhibition area sponsors show their latest hardware and software solutions, including phones, tablets, consoles, gadgets, SDKs, APIs, apps and widgets for business and consumer purposes.

BlueUp will be present as a sponsor in the startup area of the exhibition. We will show our well-known best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy beacons for proximity applications, including some brand new products, that will be shown in preview at Droidcon: two new beacon models, BlueBeacon Plug and BlueBeacon Sensor, and a solution for remote monitoring of beacon fleets, BlueBeacon Gateway.

Moreover, two of our co-founders, Alessio Cucini and Samuele Forconi, will hold the workshop "Bluetooth LE beacons, Eddystone and Physical Web: an introduction". The workshop will be an opportunity to provide a review on Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology, starting from a general introduction on how a BLE beacon works and interacts with smartphones. Then, focus will be given on Eddystone beacon specifications from Google, analyzing different advertising formats and their potential applications. Finally, the talk will address Physical Web project, a novel approach, developed and introduced by Google and based on open-source Eddystone-URL BLE beacon format, to enable interaction on-demand between a mobile device and a smart device (a parking meter, an electronic kiosk, a bus stop, …).

See you in Turin, at Droidcon Italy 2016!