BlueUp guest of the Internet Festival 2015

BlueUp participates to the 2015 edition of the Internet Festival, to be held in Pisa from 8 to 11 October. The theme of the 2015 Internet Festival is the space and how it, and its perception, is changed during the time.

"Internet and the Web have revolutionized the meaning of Space: from Space intended both as a physical and virtual location to Space of knowledge, analysis, sharing, identity and creativity, freedom". This is a major theme for BlueUp: beacon technology makes it possible to bring together the physical space of the real world with the virtual space and the Web. This is the "Physical Web", i.e. a space where online content take shape as a function of the physical context in which they are enjoyed.

Within the Internet Festival 2015, BlueUp organizes, in partnership with BeeApp of Pisa, a workshop focused on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons technology, to be held the day of Friday, October 9, from 10am to 18pm, at the Center for Exhibition Contemporary Art Urban Park Piagge. The workshop will be an opportunity to examine the hardware and software aspects of the beacon technology and understand how to implement it for real-world applications.

In addition, Alessio Cucini, one of the co-founders of BlueUp will participate to Ibridazione, a round table organized by CNA Toscana, focused on widespread entrepreneurship, web, digital craftsmanship, open innovation, open manufacturing, internet of things, human-centered production system, virtual manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, services. The event will take place Friday, October 9 from 15pm to 17pm at SMS Biblio Urban Park Le Piagge.