New BLE advertising packet for RTLS and safety

The demand for beacon-based applications for the location and safety of workers in industrial environments is hugely increasing, thus, leading to the development of new BLE solutions, either based on standard or proprietary formats, to provide information on the location and status of the worker

Following this market demand, BlueUp has developed Safety advertising packet, supported by all beacons based on nRF52: Safety packet uses iBeacon format (allowing to use standard, well-known and easily accessible SDKs to retrieve data) with UUID and Major number used for beacon unique identifier and Minor number containing additional information:
- 1 byte for battery level (in mV);
- 1 byte for internal status flags: motion status (moving/still), short button pressure (Y/N), long button pressure (Y/N), man-down event (Y/N).

The configuration parameters of the individual alarms (time thresholds, acceleration thresholds, ...) are completely programmable by the user through BlueBeacon Manager management app or from the BlueBeacon Cloud back-end.

Safety packet provides access to a richer dataset for RTLS and safety applications: not just identification and localization, but also alarms, critical events, internal status of the tag.