BlueUp at Smart Building Expo 2017

BlueUp is present at Smart Building Expo 2017, event on building automation held at Fiera Milano, Rho, from 15 to 17 November 2017, in conjunction with Sicurezza 2017 fair. Smart Building Expo is a new exhibition, a project dedicated to widespread connectivity, building automation and system integration for the Smart City of the present and of the future.

At Smart Building Expo, BlueUp presents its catalog of BLE beacon (with simultaneous support for iBeacon and Eddystone proximity technologies, Quuppa RTLS technology Sensors technology ), integrated with hardware and software management components: BlueBeacon Gateway and the back-end platform BlueBeacon Cloud, recently updated with the integration of new features.

In addition, new integrated solutions based on our BLE-technology hardware and software components are presented.
BlueBeacon Locate is a platform for access control and localization of people and assets based on BLE technology. Framework architecture is similar to that of active RFID systems with BLE beacons worn by people or applied to objects that move inside the opearating environment and BlueBeacon Gateway that receives beacon identification data. Installing the BlueBeacon Gateway at specific points of interest (POI) enables you to implement a Zone-Based Real-Time Localization System (ZB-RTLS). For applications that require more stringent performance in terms of accuracy (Sub-Meter RTLS, SM-RTLS), we can integrate the Quuppa technology. The BlueBeacon Locate platform is therefore able to provide location data with different levels of detail, usable in Industry 4.0 applications, to improve the efficiency and security of industrial processes.

Another solution that will be presented at Smart Building Expo is BlueBeacon Sense, a distributed system for environmental parameter monitoring (currently temperature, humidity, pressure) with data collection via gateway or smartphone, which can also integrate localization functionality with app.

Customers interested to participate can contact us to receive a free invitation.