SMAU 2015 Roadswhow in Firenze

BlueUp will exhibit at SMAU Roadshow in Firenze, on July 14th and 15th. The exhibition will be held at FirenzeFiera, Padiglione Spadolini.

During the exhibition, it will be our pleasure to introduce our new products and innovations in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and beacons :
1. New BlueBeacon Maxi, with snap-in enclosure, for easy battery change: the ideal solution for fixed installations with long operating life;
2. New BlueBeacon Forte, in a compact waterproof case: for outdoor and industrial applications;
3. beacons with UriBeacon specifications, for the direct transmission of URI (Universal Resource Identifier): a new opportunity for the IoT;
4. BLE tag with FindMe function: identifies your tag in a simple and immediate;
5. BlueBeacon Manager, to monitor your iBeacon-technology beacons installation from remote (demo preview).