Opera del Duomo Museum, Florence


The Museum was founded in 1891 and has 6,000 square meters of exhibition space, divided into 28 rooms and three floors. Here are preserved numerous monuments whose authors range from Michelangelo, to Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti and many others.
The logic of the museum structure is that of a journey to discover the places and artists who created the monumental complex of the Opera.
Today this museum is one of the most important in the world, both for the value and the number of works kept, and for its architectural and technological avant-garde.


In 2015, the museum was radically renovated, and on the occasion of this renovation, the curators decided to develop a smartphone application to ensure maximum support for visitors. The idea was to create an app that automatically detects the visitor's position, so that the information sheets of the works in the immediate vicinity were quickly proposed to him.


The Cantiere Creativo team was commissioned to create the app and chose to use our BlueBeacon Maxi which, via bluetooth, allow users to receive information on the works in the room they are visiting directly on their smartphone. Whenever visitors reach a specific monument, they immediately begin to listen to related stories through headphones.
Recently the application has been enriched with other features, such as Access to Opera, an option aimed mainly at deaf people for whom until now there was no such service. It consists of 15 videos with explanations in Italian sign language of the most representative works and rooms of the museum.
Moreover, thanks to the beacons, the curators of the museum can manage the information of the works and the layout of the rooms, having access to all the data transmitted by the beacons on the cloud.


The reinterpretation of the Opera del Duomo Museum was remarkably successful and many visitors praised the immersive experience of the visit. The new technology offers every type of user the opportunity of a self-guided, clear and engaging visit.