Industry 4.0

Personal Protective
Equipment Monitoring


In workplace safety, an important role for the protection and protection of the health and integrity of the worker is played by PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), i.e. tools, equipments and clothing of fundamental importance in the field of prevention of specific risks, general dangers and possible accidents.
Ensuring employee monitoring can prevent serious consequences. To report some data, in 2021 there were 555,236 reports of accidents at work 1,221 of which with fatal outcome. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration that prevention and safety in the workplace are an excellent investment that increases productivity and reduces costs.


Employers often run into a problem of no small importance: the worker who refuses to use the PPE provided. There are several reasons why the worker does not wear PPE: lack of adequate education and training, uncomfortable PPE or not the right size, insufficient supervision, religious or medical reasons.
The duties of entrepreneurs are not limited to supplying PPE, training workers on the correct use and arranging for them to be used: entrepreneurs have the obligation to request compliance by individual workers with the regulations in force, the means of collective protection and the PPE made available to them. An obligation that does not exempt them from their responsibilities despite the fact that workers, for their part, are also required to use PPE correctly. However, it is the employer who has the obligation to safeguard the psychophysical integrity of workers by eliminating or trying to minimize the risks that may cause them harm.
The main problem with the use of PPE is that there is no control mechanism to supervise non-compliant employees, except for visual supervision.


The supervision can be replaced with the intelligent solution of Teltonika Mobility and BlueUp which allows the monitoring of workers in real time.
Thanks to the use of Teltonika Mobility Worker BadgePLUS (GH5200) and BlueUp BlueBeacon Slim Tag, it is possible to check the activity of each worker. The personal locator, which the operator is equipped with, connects to Slim Tag positioned on each safety device and checks if the worker is equipped with all the necessary PPE. GH5200 regularly scans for beacons configured in the area, so that the shift supervisor and the employee themselves can be notified of the absence of PPE. In this way, workplace injuries can be prevented and the employers could have traceable proof that the worker was not wearing a certain PPE at any given time.
In addition, when a worker falls or does not move for a certain period of time, an instant warning is produced and responsible persons can quickly intervene in an emergency.