AccuRTLS offers unsurpassed performances in terms of precision and accuracy.
AccuRTLS uses Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, a powerful patented AoA (Angle-of-Arrival) technology platform for real-time tracking with sub-meter accuracy.
AccuRTLS provides several advantages: long BLE tag battery lifetime, compatibility with mobile devices and the ability to carry sensor data, alongside positioning data.
Thanks to its accurate real-time location updates even for the fast moving objects and to its reliable and robust positioning performance, AccuRTLS is the optimal choice for challenging Industry 4.0 applications such as: vehicle collision avoidance or precise real-time people/asset tracking and localization.


• Fixed antennas. Fixed anchors (Quuppa Locators antennas) are installed at precise positions inside the environment where localization is required.
• Position of the anchors. Antennas are installed on the ceiling (pole installation is required for outdoor, where weatherproof antennas are used).
• Density of antennas. Density of antennas depends on several factors, including the height of the ceiling and the required accuracy in a certain zone.
• Position calculation. Each antenna is capable to compute the direction of arrival of the incident signal form each BLE tag moving in the area. Both elevation and azimuth angles are computed.
• Wiring. Quuppa locators are connected, through a dedicated local PoE LAN (with PoE switch) to a local server where the Quuppa Positioning Engine is installed. QPE integrates advanced algorithms based on triangulation, that allows to compute tag position from the angle-of-arrival information from each antenna.
QPE provides REST APIs in standard JSON format, that allows to get tag(s) position in real time.

Main features

• Location accuracy. Typical positioning accuracy around 0.5m (“sub-meter”). Accuracy demands can vary from one area to another and can be controlled by altering the number (density) of antennas.
• Refresh rate. Location update rate of up to 0.1 sec and latency 0.2+ sec. That, coupled with superior accuracy, enables for example many safety-related applications, such as Collision Avoidance between people and vehicles in industrial environments.
• Transmission rate. The transmission rate for standard BLE channels is limited to 10 Hz, as per Bluetooth regulations, but AccuRTLS system can also be configured to use proprietary channels, on which the Quuppa-compatible tags can be set to transmit at up to 33 Hz.
• Integration with third-party systems. AccuRTLS is easy to integrate into existing systems with pull or push APIs, that offer standard JSON/REST or CSV formats. The API is fully open and configurable.
• Fixed wired antennas. Wired Quuppa Locators antennas uses PoE LAN for both power and communication.
• Battery Tag BLE. Long battery-lifetime tags: power consumption of the BLE tags are optimized for low energy consumption.

AccuRTLS components

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