Quuppa Card

Quuppa Card is a badge-like battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, based on new-generation BLE chip Nordic nRF52832, with full support of Quuppa software features (Quuppa Approved).
Thanks to its ultra-slim form-factor, BlueBeacon Quuppa Card can be worn as an identification badge for personnel or hung on racks or products. By using the internal accelerometer, it can be configured to switch between default and triggered modes, for battery savings. A button and two leds allows for a richer user interface.
Quuppa Card is waterproof and powered by a thin non-replaceable lithium battery that guarantees a long operating life. Additionally, it can integrate an optional NFC NTAG2 tag.

Slim format

Thin card-like enclosure: the ideal solution for people and asset identification


Simply attach it to your keys, lanyards for badges, objects, assets, and track them

Radio performances

nRF52832 SoC and optimized antenna, for best on the market RF and energy performances

Fully configurable

Beacon can be configured, using Quuppa infrastructure

General features
Firmware based on Quuppa libraries (Quuppa Compatible)
Supports back-channel communication, proprietary channels, OTA FW upgrade
Configuration options: Configurable with Quuppa Site Planner
TX power: -40, -20 to 4 dBm (with 4dB steps)
Advertising channels: BLE or Quuppa proprietary
Advertising interval: 0.1 to 10 secs (BLE channel); 0.01 to 10 secs (Quuppa proprietary channel)
Quuppa ID: MAC address or custom ID
Version: Bluetooth 4.2, Low Energy (Bluetooth5-ready)
Frequency: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz (BLE); 2.401 to 2.481 GHz (proprietary; 2.481GHz not available for FCC)
Module: Nordic SoC nRF52832 (MCU and transceiver)
Antenna: printed meandered planar F-antenna
Antenna gain: 2dB (average)
Antenna pattern: omnidirectional
Other radios: NFC NTAG tag (optional)
Replaceable: No
Model: CP224147 (800 mAh typ. capacity at 25°C)
Expected life: 2 month (100Hz) to 10 years (0.1Hz), 24/7 at ambient temperature
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Sensors and interfaces
Accelerometer: 3-axis linear accelerometer
Button: user configurable
Leds: 2 (green, orange)
Material: ABS plastic
Colour: white (your logo silk-screen printing are available on demand; optional colours available)
Size: 85 x 56 x 4.4 mm
Fastening: hole for lanyard/ring
Protection: IP67

BlueBeacon Quuppa Card have been certified by Quuppa as fully Quuppa-compatible and can be provided with special firmware based on Quuppa libraries. Quuppa Compatible BlueBeacon Card has native support for all Quuppa SW features, including back-channel for commanding and configuration, OTA FW upgrading, Quuppa proprietary channels. The Quuppa Approved marking is granted to Quuppa Compatible tags after they have passed Quuppa testing program to ensure they meet the high-quality standards for software, hardware, and mechanics.