SafeX Lite

SafeX Lite is a wearable battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy tag based on Nordic nRF52832 SoC. It simultaneously supports multiple standard technologies for Bluetooth LE beaconing: iBeacon, Eddystone (full support, with GATT and EID), Quuppa (emulation mode), Safety (custom BlueUp packet).
SafeX Lite is especially designed for tracking and safety applications of personnel in healthcare, light industry and logistics sectors.
SafeX Lite is equipped with 2 LEDS, an alarm button and an accelerometer for events detection (motion, shock, fall, ...). Standard version also includes buzzer and vibration, which can be triggered with connection to GATT service. It is powered by a replaceable long-life coin CR2477 battery that guarantees years of operating life and is provided in rounded-shape light enclosure with eyelet for lanyard or badge-clip.

8 slots configurable for non-connectable advertising frames:
- 4 slots, each configurable for Eddystone frame types: UID, URL, TLM or EID. Full support for specifications Eddystone Configuration GATT Service by Google
- 4 slots, each configurable for the following frame types: iBeacon, Quuppa (Direction Finding packet)
Advertising interval (independently configurable for each slot): 0.1 to 60 secs
TX power (independently configurable for each slot): -40 dBm, -20dBm to 4 dBm (with 4dB steps)
Additional configuration options: non-connectable mode, anonymous mode, programmable time period, orientation/motion-detection mode, locked/unlocked mode, change password
Support for Safety packet: beacon ID, battery status, motion detection, button-press (short/long), man-down detection
Configurable with BlueBeacon Manager App for Android and iOS
Version: Bluetooth 4.2, Low Energy (Bluetooth5-ready)
Frequency: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Module: Nordic SoC nRF52832 (MCU and transceiver)
Antenna: printed meandered planar F-antenna
Replaceable: Yes
Model: 1x CR2477 (1000 mAh typ. capacity at 25°C)
Expected life: 8 months to 15 years, 24/7 at ambient temperature (depending on configuration); 3.4 years with default settings;
Enabling accelerometer-based modes can significantly increase battery life.
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Sensors and interfaces
Sensors: alarm button, 3-axis linear accelerometer
User interfaces: 2x LEDs, buzzer, vibration (Standard), 2 LEDs (Basic)
Material: ABS plastic
Color: white
Size: 55 x 45 x 16 mm
Weight: 23 gr
Fastening: eyelet for lanyard/clip
Protection: -

iBeacon technology creates a small area of detection for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled mobile devices. Bluetooth LE devices use iBeacon licensed technology, and have been certified by BlueUp to meet Apple Proximity Beacon Specifications

Eddystone is a protocol specification that defines Bluetooth LE formats for proximity beacon advertising, with different frame types that may be used individually or in combinations. The BlueUp beacons have been certified by Google in accordance with the requirements of the Eddystone specifications.