Wirepas SafeX Lite

Wirepas SafeX Lite is a wearable battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy beacon based on nRF52832 SoC, with full support of Wirepas mesh network protocol.
Wirepas SafeX Lite is espcially designed for safety applications for healthcare, light industry and logistics sectors. It is powered by a replaceable long-life coin CR2477 battery and has red button for triggering alarms. User interface is provided by 2 LEDs and a buzzer.
It is provided in light enclosure with eyelet for lanyard or badge-clip.

General features
Operating modes: Non-router mode - Mobile tag (periodic transmission of identifier and location)
Configuration and diagnostics: Wirepas Network Tool application
TX power: -40, -20 to 4 dBm (with 4dB steps)
Advertising interval: 15secs to 18 hours
Version: Bluetooth 4.2, Low Energy (Bluetooth5-ready)
Frequency: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Module: Nordic SoC nRF52832 (MCU and transceiver)
Antenna: printed meandered planar F-antenna
Replaceable: Yes
Model: 1x CR2477 (1000 mAh typ. capacity at 25°C)
Expected life: 2 years at 10 minutes interval, 10 years at 18 hours interval (24/7 at ambient temperature)
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Sensors and interfaces
Sensors: 3-axis linear accelerometer
User interfaces: button, 2 LEDs (red, yellow), buzzer
Material: ABS plastic
Colour: white
Size: 55 x 45 x 16 mm
Fastening: eyelet for lanyard/clip (Lite)
Protection: -

Wirepas Massive protocol, previously known as Wirepass Mesh, is a wireless network protocol that uses a multi-hop, self-organizing, and decentralized design. Decentralized network topology enables extremely dense network deployment. Wirepas Massive protocol is used for indoor localization MeshIPS platform with cable-less infrastructure: all devices (mobile tags and anchors) are battery operated.