BlueUp and Avanto Care collaborates to find innovative solutions in the field of elderly care through the integration of advanced technologies

BlueUp, an Italian company leading in the design and production of beacons, tags and IoT solutions in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, and Avanto Care, the creator of the Avanto 360 platform dedicated to data-driven decision support, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing elderly care.

The search for and retention of qualified personnel are becoming increasingly challenging, requiring a rethinking of traditional work methods. Effectively addressing the needs of the growing elderly population demands an innovative and sustainable approach.

Transitioning from a reactive care model to a preventive one is essential for managing this demographic evolution efficiently. This requires a holistic approach that integrates changes in work methods, a shift towards preventive care, and the development of personalized solutions to enhance the quality of life for the elderly.

For this reason, BlueUp and Avanto Care have decided to share their expertise to develop and bring to market innovative data-driven solutions for elderly care.

BlueUp is specialized in the creation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices for tracking, sensing, and distributed monitoring, offering innovative data collection solutions. Avanto Care, on the other hand, is the creator of the Avanto 360 platform, a system that harnesses the power of data collected through tools such as beacons and sensors to support preventive decisions, promoting precision-based and efficient operations.

It is through this synergistic partnership and the combination of the two companies expertise that it will be possible to offer advanced solutions in the healthcare and elderly care sectors.

Thanks to BlueUp IoT devices, equipped with motion and location sensors, data on the activities of operators can be collected, enabling better optimization of human resources. Real-time tracking of the location of medical devices and personnell improves responsiveness in emergency situations, and alarm notifications from patients can be activated using wearable devices with an alarm button, ensuring timely reach to the patient in case of emergencies. Additionally, environmental sensors can collect data such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, ensuring that patients are always in healthy spaces, thereby improving their quality of life. All collected data will then be integrated and processed in the Avanto 360 platform for easy and fast use by users, thanks to an intuitive layout.

"This partnership represents a significant step in the evolution of data-driven healthcare. The integration of BlueUp technologies with the Avanto 360 platform will provide cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of care and optimize operational efficiency" says Alessio Cucini, Co-founder and CEO of BlueUp.

"We see the use of smart hardware as an enabler for the future of healthcare and elderly care specifically. Our cooperation with BlueUp gives us a great opportunity to offer care providers a strong combination of smart hardware and Avanto 360 to accelerate elderly care to go from reactive to predictive" says Mikael Karlsson, Co-founder and CEO of Avanto Care.

This partnership marks a step towards a future where healthcare will be guided by data precision, improving the lives of individuals and the efficiency of facilities.

BlueUp Srl

BlueUp, innovative SME founded in 2014, is the leader in Italy in Bluetooth Low Energy beacon and tag technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the intense research and development activity, together with strategic technological partnerships, it has managed to establish itself both on the Italian and international markets. BlueUp designs, develops and produces certified tags and beacons that support the main market standards: iBeacon, Eddystone, Quuppa (RTLS AoA), Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz). In addition to individual devices, BlueUp offering includes identification, location, tracking and distributed monitoring systems for the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, security and smart building markets.


Avanto Care was founded in 2021 in Sweden with the goal of changing the way we work in elderly care. Elderly care is facing major challenges. The proportion of older people who will need help is increasing. Working methods in elderly care need to be developed at the same time as technology needs to be used in a new way. Avanto Care has developed a SaaS platform, Avanto 360, that offers a basis for decision-making for a predictive and individual-centered approach in elderly care. Caregivers can now, through data and information in Avanto 360, identify risk and correlations, avoid healthcare injuries, personalize care and understand the effect of interventions.