The adoption of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) with Bluetooth LE tags applied to hospital assets allows to have a global view of the location of all equipment at any time and allows you to track a history of the locations.
Hospital staff waste a considerable amount of time searching for medical equipment. Being able to know the position of assets in real time reduces search times to zero. The loss of time is compounded by the costs associated with the underuse and / or loss of medical equipment in health facilities. By adopting IPS solutions, the hospital's Purchasing and Logistics Managers are able to monitor, and thus optimize, the utilization rate of the various devices (saving on new purchases) and to prevent the loss or theft of assets.

Production and construction sites

Smart Tracking solutions are able to provide real-time information on the position and status of people, assets, materials and semi-finished products within the work area (production line, warehouse, construction site, ... ), providing continuous updates.
The traceability of assets, semi-finished or products allows to identify any production downtime, identify periods of inactivity, locate equipment more quickly. In this way it is possible to create a digital twin of the production plant capable not only of providing real-time visibility of the processes but also of extracting system performance indicators. The direct result is a considerable increase in productivity and efficiency.


Bluetooth Low Energy tags allow you to identify, locate and track vehicles and goods within a specific logistics perimeter (indoor, outdoor). The localization infrastructures can be various (standard Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth LE Angle-of-Arrival, mesh networks), with different levels of performance, complexity and cost.
The availability of data relating to the position and status of vehicles and goods has positive impacts on a series of performance indicators: eduction of inventory times, theft prevention, reduction of losses, process improvement (error reduction, search times for goods, ...), knowledge of the rate of use of means.


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)