SafeX Tracer is a wearable Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) device designed as a technological aid to control social-distancing and contact-tracing between operators in the workplace for post-emergency management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

SafeX Tracer, when worn by an operator, is able to detect other nearby devices. When two or more operators approach each other, the devices emit an alarm signal (via LED, sound, vibration) increasing with the decrease of the distance.

All alarm events, including time stamp and duration, are saved in the internal memory of the device, in order to be subsequently acquired in case of need, so as to have a mapping of the operators contacts in the period prior to any diagnosis of Covid-19 infection.

SafeX Tracer does not need any physical infrastructure to operate (e.g. WiFi or Bluetooth LE antennas, Bluetooth LE beacon network, ...), minimizing the complexity and cost of the system. In fact, the device does not track the absolute positions of the operators in the workplace, but only their relative positions with respect to other operators, in case of reduced reciprocal distance. Furthermore, the archived data is completely anonymous, ensuring compliance with the privacy laws.

SafeX Tracer is available in the following versions:
- Standard, IP65 waterproof enclosure, available in two wearing options: SafeCord, to be worn around the neck with a cord; SafeClip, to be attached to a pocket or belt;
- Lite, non-waterproof enclosure, with increased sound level, available with hole for lanyard or badge-clip.

SafeX Tracer - Comparative table
SafeX Tracer Standard SafeX Tracer Lite
Radio standard Bluetooth 5.x - Low EnergyBluetooth 5.x - Low Energy
Bluetooth LE chipset nRF52832nRF52832
TX power -40 to +4dBm (typ. -8dBm)-40 to +4dBm (typ. -8dBm)
Sensitivity -94dBm-94dBm
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer3-axis accelerometer
User interface Button
2x LEDs, buzzer, vibration
2x LEDs, buzzer
Battery type CR2477 (1000mAh nom.)CR2477 (1000mAh nom.)
Battery replaceability YesYes
Battery life-time up to 1000 hrs (Low-latency mode)
up to 2000 hrs (Battery-save mode)
up to 1000 hrs (Low-latency mode)
up to 2000 hrs (Battery-save mode)
Power-on/off long button pressurelong button pressure
Internal memory 128 kB128 kB
Stored contact events up to 14800up to 14800
Size 55 x 46 x 17 mm (Enclosure only)
62 x 46 x 17 mm (SafeCord, flange with hole)
55 x 46 x 20 mm (SafeClip, including clip)
55 x 45 x 16 mm (Enclosure only)
65 x 45 x 17 mm (including flange with hole)
Weight 23 gr (without accessories)23 gr
IP rating IP65-
Wearability Lanyard (SafeCord), Clip for belt or pocket (SafeClip)Lanyard, badge-clip

Technical documentation

In addition to the wearable device, the SafeX Tracer system consists of the following software components:
- Tracer Manager App: app (Android, iOS under development) for device management: initialisation, configuration, download of contact data;
- Tracer Kiosk App: app (Android), to create interactive kiosks for hands-free download of contact data;
- Tracer SDK: SDK (Android, iOS under development) for Bluetooth LE communication with SafeX Tracer devices;
- Tracer Gateway: embedded device for initialization, configuration, download of contact data;
- Tracer API: set of APIs to send contact-data to customer servers.

SafeX Tracer is intrinsically compliant with GDPR and other privacy-related regulations:
- does not track tags absolute position, it detects and stores only contact events;
- does not deal with user data, it uses only device unique identifiers (UIDs);
- does not access contact-events data, that are forwarded to customer servers. Customer is in charge of storing these information and managing it with users details, according to local GDPR regulations.

SafeX Tracer system can be integrated with additional optional functions:
- integration with BlueBeacon Locate ZoneRTLS platform, for real-time location of operators and crowd detection;
- fall and man-down events detection (under development);
- alarm signaling via push-button;
- integration with fixed beacons infrastructure based on iBeacon technology for proximity positioning and blind-zone creation;
- integration with asset tags applied to PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) for safety monitoring.

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