Smart tracking

Smart Tracking solutions are able to provide real-time information on the position and status of people, assets, materials and semi-finished products within the work area (production line, warehouse, construction site, ... ), providing continuous updates.
The traceability of assets, semi-finished or products allows to identify any production downtime, identify periods of inactivity, locate equipment more quickly.
In this way it is possible to create a digital twin of the production plant capable not only of providing real-time visibility of the processes but also of extracting system performance indicators. The direct result is a considerable increase in productivity and efficiency.
Smart Tracking solutions can be implemented with different architectures that are distinguished by accuracy in the estimation of the position, data update latency, complexity and cost of the infrastructure.

Staff localization

Thanks to wearable Bluetooth LE tags and badges, it is possible to perform a quick search of operators and staff (internal, external) within the production plant.
In this way, in the event of a technical emergency to a machine, for example, it is possible to immediately identify the closest technician, minimizing intervention times.
The location of personnel is also essential in the correct execution and commissioning of emergency plans, allowing to identify the people present in the building and at the collection points.
Finally, it is possible to monitor in real time the occupancy rate of the various environments (offices, meeting rooms, ...) eliminating the risk of gatherings and ensuring the physical distance imposed by the recent problems generated by COVID-19.

Workforce safety

IoT systems can intervene by providing a technological aid to increase the safety of operators in the workplace.
Smart wearable devices in Bluetooth LE technology integrate advanced safety features: panic button for emergency cases, shock or fall detection, man-down alarm. Localized notifications allow you to intervene quickly, drastically reducing the risks associated with adverse events.
Furthermore, thanks to real-time localization, it is possible to detect the possible presence of isolated operators in critical or highly dangerous areas and identify unauthorized access.

Condition monitoring

Bluetooth LE smart tags and beacons not only provide information on their position, but also on their status, on the status of the device to which they are applied or the environment in which they are installed, thanks to the integration of sensors.
Vibration sensors can provide information on the state of occupation and use of a machine or utility, useful for obtaining parameters necessary for estimating the efficiency of processes and production costs. Environmental sensors allow you to monitor work environments, in order to improve energy efficiency and healthiness of the environments, the comfort of the workers.


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)