Smart Ticketing

Smart City is synonymous with a city that manages resources intelligently, which aims to become economically sustainable and energetically self-sufficient and attentive to the quality of life and the needs of its citizens. To have a smart city, one of the first places to start is the management of transport, to help citizens move freely and efficiently in their city.
Smart Ticketing solutions significantly improve the passenger's public transport experience, and encourage their use. Smart Ticketing is a set of cutting-edge technologies, which allow passengers to always travel at the best possible price, as well as to pay only the kilometers actually traveled, with a simple and fast ticketing system. Bluetooth LE beacons are used to locate the traveler on the vehicle or at the departure / arrival station in order to automate the pricing process via smartphone app.

Cultural heritage

Thanks to Bluetooth LE beacons, cultural spaces can become multimedia and immersive environments. The user who enters a room of a museum or approaches a work of art, can receive multimedia content (videos, music, information about the author, ...) on their smartphone. This technology significantly improves the user experience of visitors, but also has important benefits for the managers of cultural heritage, who no longer have to bear the costs of managing and maintaining the hardware of traditional audio guides.

Proximity services

Bluetooth LE beacons can be used for the unique identification of spaces, places, objects, both for information and marketing purposes. The city becomes a multidimensional environment, where the citizen interacts via smartphone app, receiving contextual information on historical and cultural points of interest in the immediate vicinity, on the timetables of the means of transport departing or arriving at nearby stations, on the promotional offers of the shops around, on scheduled events in the surrounding area


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)