Efficiency and quality of work

Thanks to the Bluetooth LE beacons, it is possible to check times and workflows to optimize work processes.
One of the efficiency potentialities made possible by Bluetooth LE technology is Pick-to-light, thanks to which it is possible to streamline order preparation and shipment preparation.
Furthermore, this technology allows efficient warehouse management: thanks to the monitoring of the position of goods and inventory in real time, without the need for manual scanning processes based on barcode reading, costs are significantly reduced. of stock, the expenses for the annual inventory documentation activities are reduced and finally the purchasing processes are optimized, thanks to the updated knowledge of the available stocks.

Staff localization

Thanks to wearable Bluetooth LE tags and badges it is possible to perform a quick search of operators and staff (internal, external) within the production plant. In this way, in the event of an emergency, it is possible to immediately identify the closest technician or operator, minimizing intervention times.
The location of personnel is also essential for the correct execution and commissioning of emergency plans, allowing the identification of the people present in the building and at the collection points.

Room occupancy and access control

Thanks to IoT technologies it is possible to monitor in real time the occupancy rate of the various environments (offices, meeting rooms, hospitals, schools ...) eliminating the risk of gatherings and ensuring the physical distance imposed by the recent problems generated by COVID-19 .
This monitoring is made possible by personal devices capable of monitoring and tracking contact events and alerting in alert situations: SafeX Tracer is the wearable device that increases the safety of employees and visitors by controlling the distance between operators in the environments of work (social distancing) and contact tracing.
Thanks to real-time localization, it is also possible to detect the presence of isolated operators in critical or highly dangerous areas and identify unauthorized access.


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)