Asset tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy tags allow you to identify, locate and track vehicles and goods within a specific logistics perimeter (indoor, outdoor).
The localization infrastructures can be various (standard Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth LE Angle-of-Arrival, mesh networks), with different levels of performance, complexity and cost.
The availability of data relating to the position and status of vehicles and goods has positive impacts on a series of performance indicators: reduction of inventory times, theft prevention, reduction of losses, process improvement (error reduction, search times for goods, ...), knowledge of the rate of use of means.


Picking, order preparation and shipment preparation are increasingly critical activities in the management of logistics processes. To streamline and optimize them, many companies adopt "Pick-to-Light" solutions. This system is recognized as the most efficient for the management and optimization of order preparation and preparation activities: it is a manual picking solution, in which each warehouse location, used for picking or depositing, is equipped with a electronic device equipped with a button, a high brightness LED and a display, which indicate to the operator "where", "what" and "how much" to withdraw and / or deposit.
Integrating localization systems with Pick-to-Light solutions allows a further improvement of processes: the knowledge of the position of the asset to be picked, associated with its visual indication via LED, allows the reduction of errors and of the search times.

Warehouse management

An optimized supply chain is also synonymous with traceability of movable assets used in internal and external logistics. By monitoring the position of goods and inventory in real time, without the need for manual scanning processes based on barcode reading, warehouse costs are significantly reduced. For example, you can reduce expenses for annual inventory documentation activities by using automated reporting. Or, purchasing processes are optimized, thanks to updated knowledge of available stocks.


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)