Enjoy our new

MeshCube Demo Kits

Enjoy our new

MeshCube Demo Kits

Enjoy our new

MeshCube Demo Kits


MeshCube is the All-in-One IoT solution that offers multiple services for the Smart Building market integrated into one single platform:
• location of people and assets inside the building;
• identification and geo-localization of alarm events (call button, man-down, impact, fall);
• monitoring of climatic and air quality parameters;
• control of field sensors and actuators;
• management of fleets of Bluetooth LE beacons used for indoor navigation and wayfinding applications.
MeshCube is based on Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz technology and, thanks to its cable-less architecture based on battery-powered devices, it guarantees the lowest cost of infrastructure and ownership on the market, and is the perfect choice for retrofit installation.


MeshCube communication and positioning infrastructure is entirely based on Wirepas Mesh network.
No additional communication infrastructure is required (e.g., LAN, WLAN, LoRa, ...).
Position, sensor and network data from anchors and tags are forwarded, through the mesh network, to the mesh gateway (sink of the network).
Depending on the size of the network, more than one mesh gateway can be required. Mesh gateway is directly connected to a local server where the BlueUp Processing Engine (BPE) is installed.
For positioning, BPE integrates advanced algorithms based on trilateration, that allows to compute tag position. BPE provides HTTP or MQTT APIs that allows an easy and straightforward integration with end-application.


MeshCube uses Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz to provide scalable and cost-effective solution to localize tags and sensors. Its unique low-power mesh operation allows to create fully battery-operated network of locators anchors having years of battery lifetime.
This solution offers an easy to install and scalable location system for a wide range of applications (warehouses, hospitals, building sites, tunnels,...), consisting of a cable-less infrastructure for asset tracking without any complex planning or cabling cost.
The MeshCube delivers typical performance of room/zone accuracy (2 to 5 meters) with a typical location interval of minute(s) and years of battery lifetime, with the lowest infrastructure and ownerships cost on the market.

Sensor networks

With the MeshCube module, battery-powered wireless sensor networks (WSN) become reality.
Mesh infrastructure can be equipped with sensors connected to the mesh network to allow the measurement of different phisycal or environmental parameters. Solutions are available for monitoring indoor climate (temperature, humidity, pressure) and air quality (CO2 level).
HTTP or MQTT APIs allow to easily real-time retrieve sensor data.
With MeshCube, it is also possible to integrate actuators. Simple commands allow to command general-purpose input/output signals or specific signalling devices, like buzzer, vibration motors, LEDs.

Beaconing BLE

Bluetooth LE beacons are more and more frequently installed inside buildings for proximity, indoor navigation and way-finding mobile-app solutions.
Managing fleets of Bluetooth LE beacons is always a mess. Modifying beacon broadcast settings implies an operator near the beacon with a dedicated manager app. This requirement implies availability of trained technical personnel, travels, waste of time and resources. Alternatively, using Bluetooth LE gateways adds cost and complexity to the infrastructure.
MeshCube offers a centralized Bluetooth LE-beacon fleet management system for monitoring fleets of Bluetooth LE beacons. You can change beacon settings or monitor battery status in real-time from a single remote control point, without the need to physically be on the installation site and without adding additional hardware.

MeshCube components

Tags Wirepas

Anchors Wirepas

Gateway Wirepas

MeshCube SW

MeshCube Demo Kit

Smart Industry

Smart Industry MeshCube Demo Kit is the optimal solution if you want to test MeshCube platform for industrial environments (manufacturing, logistics, ...). This Demo Kit includes devices suited for industrial installation, and allows to test both asset tracking and personnel locating applications.

Smart Industry MeshCube Demo Kit
Smart Building

Smart Building MeshCube Demo Kit is the optimal solution if you want to test MeshCube platform for buildings (offices, hospitals, schools...). This Demo Kit includes devices suited for building installation, and allows to test both asset tracking and personnel locating applications.

Smart Building MeshCube Demo Kit

MeshCube use-cases


A large manufacturing company needs to implement a localization system to track individual production batches, in order to avoid delays in deliveries to customers, to optimize internal communication and to monitor production processes. In the warehouse and intermediate storage areas, accurate location accuracy is not required, while in the production area real-time positioning with sub-meter precision is required.
The infrastructure is based on MeshCube. Brick anchors are installed in all storage areas where raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are temporarily stored. Although the area to be covered is several hundred square meters, no wiring is installed. The boxes for raw materials and semi-finished products are equipped with Forte+ HVL tags, while the batches of finished products are identified by TagX devices. Through commands sent to the mesh network, using MeshCube APIs, the individual batches are identified by flashing a LED.
AccuRTLS localization system based on AoA Quuppa RTLS technology is installed in the production area. All asset tags are configured, via the MeshCube control platform, to broadcast Quuppa Emulation Mode packets when motion is detected for more than 5 seconds. This solution allows to real-time track the batches in the production area, ensuring the required precision of less than one meter.
The MeshCube system is also used at the same time to increase the safety level of the workers, according to the indications of the HSE Manager. All workers are equipped with a personal SafeX device, worn on the belt. The device detects accidental events such as shocks or man-down and alarm-button calls. Thanks to the site mesh-network coverage with Brick anchors, alarm reports are immediately forwarded to the control system.
Want to know more about MeshCube and our Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz device portfolio? Contact us and request a demo.


A corporate company needs to restructure its offices to adapt them to the new needs related to the return of employees to the office in a post-Covid19 scenario, to introduce new procedures for smart management of spaces and to increase the level of comfort and safety of its employees and guests. One of the requirements is that the solution is suitable for retrofit installation.
MeshCube platform is adopted, and integrated in the company workforce management software. Ultra Deluxe anchors are installed in all offices, meeting rooms and shared spaces. This allows real-time monitoring of room climate and air quality. It is well known that too high or low temperatures impede efficiency at work and lead to fatigue and headaches. The same thing happens when the CO2 levels are above threshold. In addition, high CO2 levels are also associated with an increased risk of virus infection via aerosols. Some rooms are also equipped with Forte+, that are commanded for blinking the high-visibility LED when high CO2 levels or crowds are detected in the room.
All employees are provided with a wearable device such as Card, used to have a periodic update of their presence and position. In this way it is possible to detect room occupancy status and identify situations of excessive crowding. Keyfob Tag tags with motion detection are attached to chairs to detect desk occupancy.
Guests can use a way-finding system based on mobile app for Android or iOS. This system uses Bluetooth LE beacon signal broadcasted by the networks of Ultra and Ultra Deluxe anchors installed in the building, managed with MeshCube APIs.
Want to know more about MeshCube and our Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz device portfolio? Contact us and request a demo.


A large warehouse requires a Smart Tracking platform for monitoring warehouse assets and equipments. The goal is to improve the quality level of performance by providing transparency to customers, achieve traceability of all goods across different warehouse buildings, create a real-time automatic inventory. One of the requirements is to have an infrastructure without cabling.
A complete software platform is created based on the MeshCube system. A network of Brick anchors is created in the warehouse buildings. Brick devices are simply fixed to shelving or walls. Different types of assets tags are used, depending on type and size of containers and goods to track: Forte+ for larger assets, TagX or Tag for smaller assets. To ensure and monitor the correct handling of goods, all asset tags are configured to transmit an alarm event over the mesh network when a shock above a certain threshold is detected. The threshold value is set differently on each individual tag type, to take into account the different mass between large and small assets.
In addition, a system for the identification of the transit doors of forklifts is implemented. The system uses a hybrid Bluetooth LE-mesh solution. A Brick tag is installed on each forklift, with high operational autonomy. The tag is periodically localized via the MeshCube infrastructure. At the same time, it is configured to transmit an iBeacon packet when motion is detected. Thanks to Bluetooth LE antennas placed above each door, it is possible to track each entrance/exit in real time.
Want to know more about MeshCube and our Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz device portfolio? Contact us and request a demo.


An hospital needs to implement a system for tracking of people and medical equipments, in order to improve assistance quality for patients, optimize equipment utilization, reduce losses, improve personnel safety.
MeshCube platform is adopted and integrated with HR management and asset management software. Battery-powered Ultra devices are installed in the hospital departments, configured as anchors for indoor positioning module. The technical staff is equipped with Badge-Holder tags, used to hold the ID NFC card: this allows to track their position and, at the same time, to use the existing access control system based on NFC cards. Doctors and nurses are equipped with SafeX Lite: thanks to the alarm button, they can send a request for localized assistance in the event of an emergency (attack, illness, ...). TagX tags are applied to all physical assets (stretchers, wheelchairs, ...) and medical equipments, to know their position, estimate the time of use, prevent loss or theft.
Ultra Deluxe, which include CO2 sensor, are used as anchor nodes in all waiting rooms. With this solution it is possible to keep rooms air quality under control and signal excessive crowding.
Hospital manager is also interested in developing an indoor navigation app, to provide hospital visitors with a simple and intuitive tool to navigate the labyrinth of wards and clinics. Without any additional infrastructure cost, each Ultra anchor is configured to function as a BLE beacon, periodically broadcasting a fully programmable iBeacon or Eddystone packet.
Want to know more about MeshCube and our Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz device portfolio? Contact us and request a demo.