New technical documentation platform

Everything about our products and services just a click away!

We are pleased to officially launch our new technical documentation web portal, containing all the information on the use of our devices and our solutions, and organized on the technologies available in the catalogue: Bluetooth LE, Wirepas e Quuppa.

What will you find on this platform?
Well, practically everything you need to know to use our products: detailed manuals, technical data sheets, user documentation, video tutorials, updates, and much more! You will have a complete and reliable resource for exploring BlueUp technologies just a click away. We are sure that this platform will become an essential point of reference, offering quick and intuitive access to all technical information.

MeshCube version 2.0

Among the new features of this spring, we present the renewed version of the front-end management of the MeshCube platform, an evolution that introduces new features and simplifies the project creation and the management processes.

Here are the main innovations in the new version:

1- Renewed user interface
2- Improved map management
4- Built-in mesh gateway management interface
5- Addition of the notification manager to configure system notifications
6- Updated sensor data visualization, with addition of time graphs
7- Software plugin to expand the basic functionality of the system

🔹 But what is MeshCube? MeshCube is the IoT solution based on Wirepas Mesh technology 2.4GHz, which integrates three basic functions into a single, completely wireless, platform: localization; monitoring via sensors; management of BLE beacon installations.

🔹 Do you want to try MeshCube? We have developed a MeshCube demo kit to facilitate evaluation and adoption and reduce time-to-market. The demo kit is available in two variants, Smart Industry and Smart Building, and allows to test localization and tracking applications. It can be used for testing and validation activities, for software development and integration, to carry out demos and PoC (Proof-of-Concept).

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Webinar Quuppa - BlueUp

Participate in the joint webinar organized by BlueUp and the partner Quuppa, entitled Discovering advanced tracking solutions: BlueUp x Quuppa joint webinar on RTLS smart tag features, to explore all the potential of our tags compatible with Quuppa technology.

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ technology is an RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) based on Bluetooth LE (BLE) with AoA (Angle of Arrival) localization which allows real-time localization of BLE tags and devices with sub-metric accuracy, for tracking applications in the manufacturing, intra-logistics and healthcare sectors. BlueUp, Quuppa tag partner since 2017, has developed and implemented its own asset and wearable tags, with advanced features, such as integrated man-down detection or multi-mode button management. During the event we will present these solutions with reference to application cases in the industrial and healthcare fields. If you are interested in testing our Quuppa tags, we have a kit available with all our models.

Don't miss the opportunity to be updated on the potential offered by BLE for indoor localization, thanks to the integration of smart features on board the tags with the best RTLS technology in terms of precision and accuracy: follow the webinar on 14 May, 10:00 am.

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