ATLAS Project - RTLS in healthcare sector

On September 1st, the research and development activities of the ATLAS project have started. ATLAS is co-financed by the POR CREO FESR Toscana 2014-2020 action 1.1.5 sub-action A1 - Call 1, "Strategic Research and Development Projects", with financial support to benefit of BlueUp Srl equal to EUR 110 950.00.

The ATLAS project aims to create a new generation indoor and outdoor RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) multisensory platform for the healthcare sector. The platform integrates multiple technologies including motorized gates, IoT BLE and mesh technologies, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Edge Computing and new brushless motorization systems. The ATLAS project will focus on optimizing the following processes:
- flow of patients and employees;
- management of the density and number of people present inside a building for the purpose of the correct execution and commissioning of evacuation plans in case of emergency;
- management of situations of danger for the safety of personnel linked to accidental or malicious events;
- tracking of goods and physical assets aimed at optimizing logistics and reducing thefts;
- detection of emergency conditions or conditions of illness during the performance of one's activities;
- monitoring of gatherings and physical distancing imposed by the recent problems generated by the COVID-19 virus.

The project is carried out by a partnership of companies and research bodies formed by :
- SAIMA Sicurezza Spa (project leader);
- BlueUp Srl;
- RCP Vision Srl;
- FASAC Investment Srl;
- PSM Tech Srl;
- University of Siena - Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences .