BlueBeacon Gateway D

BlueBeacon Gateway D is a BLE-beacon gateway with BLE and LAN/WLAN interfaces that allows to communicate with BLE beacons (new software manages both scanning for generic BLE beacons and connecting to BlueBeacon beacons)
BlueBeacon Gateway D is provided in a plastic enclosure suitable for desktop applications (optional mounting kit is available). It is available in one version with integrated omnidirectional BLE antenna.
Possible applications with BlueBeacon Gateway D are:
- remote monitoring and management of beacons;
- localization of BLE beacons (tags) for RTLS and access control.

- Web graphical user interface for device configuration (including LAN/WLAN network settings)
- BLE beacons reading: scanning for beacons in the reception range (with optional filtering: model/serial, technology, iBeacon-UUID/major/minor, Eddystone-UID, RSSI)
- BlueBeacon beacons connection: managing connection, including authentication (AES-128 ECB) and reading/writing of BLE characteristics
- Integrated RSSI real-time chart plot of received beacons
- Registration and synchronization with BlueBeacon Cloud back-end
- Automatic forwarding on HTTP/HTTPS port (JSON-encoded messages)
- REST APIs for beacons management (beacon scanning, beacon configuration)
- Software upgrade
Processor: 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core Broadcom ARMv8, 1GB RAM
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi (802.11)
User interfaces: power-on led, ethernet-activity led
Bluetooth Low Energy
Hardware: BLE module (Broadcom BCM43438)
Version: 4.1 Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy)
Frequency: 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Transmission power: up to +8dBm
Sensitivity: -96dBm
Read range: up to 80mt (LOS free-space)
Antenna: integrated omnidirectional chip antenna
Electrical specification
Power voltage: 5.1VDC (microUSB connector; power-supply included with product)
Current: 1.5A (max)
Mechanical and environmental specification
Enclosure material: PC/ABS (flame-resistant UL94V-0)
Size: 100 x 73 x 30 mm
Mounting kit: optional
Protection: IP40
Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C

iBeacon technology creates a small area of detection for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled mobile devices. BlueBeacon devices uses iBeacon licensed technology, and have been certified by BlueUp to meet Apple Proximity Beacon Specifications

Eddystone is a protocol specification that defines BLE formats for proximity beacon advertising, with different frame types that may be used individually or in combinations to create beacons that can be used for a variety of applications. BlueBeacon devices are certified from Google.