BlueBeacon Locate

BlueBeacon Locate is designed for Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) applications, including production management, logistics, safety.

BlueBeacon Locate is an unique solution on the market: a RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) platform based on low-cost BLE beacons and tags, which includes three alternative modules, with different levels of performance, accuracy and cost:

  • AccuRTLS, best-in-class performance in terms of accuracy
  • ZoneRTLS, the optimal compromise between cost and performance
  • BeaconRTLS, an enhanced-proximity solution with minimal infrastructure

Industry 4.0 Applications

Production management

Real-time workflow control
Workforce localization
Processing times monitoring
Localizaton of raw-materials, semi-finished and finished products


Warehouse management
Asset tracking
Access control
Vehicle and people identification


Dangerous area access control
Personal protective equipment check
Vehicle collision avoidance
Environmental sensing