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BlueBeacon Cloud

BlueBeacon Cloud support information is in progress. Please contact BlueUp team in order to request additional information.

Where to get credentials for BlueBeacon Cloud back-end?

If you did not receive credentials after your purchase, please contact BlueUp team at in order to request your BlueBeacon Cloud account credentials.

BlueBeacon Cloud dashboard

On your BlueBeacon Cloud dashboard you will have a global view of your beacon fleet:
- number of beacons, venues and project
- number of beacons per technology and per model
- number of beacon per battery status
On the left panel, you can select beacons or gateways associated to your account.


BlueBeacon Cloud beacons list

BlueBeacon Cloud beacons panel provides the list of the beacons associated to your account. For each beacon it is provided:
- model
- serial number
- MAC address (if available, otherwise N/A)
- project and venue of the beacon (if available)
- used technology, represented with icons: iBeacon, Eddystone, Quuppa, Sensors
- last update
- global settings: connectable (Bluetooth icon), password protected (lock), anonymous mode (tag), daily schedule (clock)
- battery status


BlueBeacon Cloud beacons details

BlueBeacon Cloud beacon details panel provides information on beacon settings, configuration detail, internal status and sensor data.