Tag Slim revised: new enclosure design

Let's close an exciting 2023 with an interesting news regarding Tag Slim, the most compact tag in the BlueUp catalogue, used for asset location and tracking in intra-logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. We have updated the design of the plastic case, to make Tag Slim more suitable for a wider range of use cases. Here's what's new:

wider range of installation options: with the new design with four fixing holes, it is possible to fasten Tag Slim flexibly adapting to the asset to which it is applied: with one or more screws, one or two cable ties, cord or lanyard, double-sided tape, ...

dust-proof and splash-proof: thanks to the internal seal, the tag is protected from the entry of environmental agents such as dirt, water, liquids, cleaning sprays, etc...

These new features do not alter the characteristics of the previous version: reduced thickness, replaceable batteries, support for all the localization technologies in our portfolio: Bluetooth LE, Quuppa, Wirepas.

Furthermore, Tag Slim will also be available in a variant with button and LEDs, to further expand the use cases in which it can be used.

Are you wondering what you could track with Tag Slim, and what advantages would its use bring?

Tag Slim is a versatile and efficient solution for managing and tracking assets within an operational environment. Monitoring different resources precisely and easily contributes significantly to the optimization of business operations.
Here are some of the main assets you can track using Tag Slim and the benefits associated with using this device.

Pallet: pallet tracking is essential to effectively manage your supply chain. Tag Slim allows you to locate quickly and precisely the pallets in the warehouse. This translates into a significant reduction in search times, optimizing storage and shipping operations.

Forklifts: monitoring forklifts within an industrial environment is essential to ensure smooth, hitch-free logistics. Using Tag Slim, it is possible to track the movements of the trolleys in real time, helping to minimize errors in loading and unloading operations and improving the overall efficiency of internal transport.

Boxes: The ability to individually track boxes is essential to avoid material losses and ensure inventory accuracy. Tag Slim simplifies this process, reducing inventory times and providing real-time data on the availability of goods, thus facilitating more accurate stock management.

Machinery: tracking machinery is crucial to ensuring the correct functioning of production plants. Tag Slim allows constant monitoring of machinery activities, helping to prevent unexpected failures, optimizing preventative maintenance and maximizing overall operational efficiency.

Tools: tracking your tools is essential to ensure they are always available when needed. With Tag Slim, you can quickly locate your tools, reducing costs research times and ensuring that they are used efficiently. This leads to a reduction in operating costs resulting from downtime and equipment losses.

Using Tag Slim to track key elements within an operational context, such as healthcare or industry, therefore, offers a number of tangible benefits. From reduced search times to minimize errors and material losses, the implementation of this technology translates into more efficient management of resources and a significant reduction in overall operating costs.

Want to know more about the new Slim Tag and all its variants? Contact us now! We will be happy to help you.