MeshIPS: indoor localization without infrastructure

BlueUp is proud to announce the market launch of MeshIPS, indoor positioning and tracking solution, integrated into BlueBeacon Locate platform. Thanks to an intense development activity and the partnership with Wirepas, a global leader in wireless mesh-network technology, BlueUp has created an innovative solution for localization and tracking, which uses only battery-powered devices, without the need for expensive wired infrastructures.

MeshIPS is a general-purpose platform, designed to provide opportunities for the development of new solutions and partnerships to software houses, system integrators, solution providers. Thanks to its simple architecture and standard interfaces based on HTTP and MQTT, it can be quickly integrated into vertical applications, specialized on specific markets: warehouse management and internal logistics, production control, healthcare, office management, construction sites, workplace safety.

Thanks to the absence of cabling and additional communication systems and to the reduced planning and installation time, MeshIPS guarantees the lowest infrastructure and management cost on the market. MeshIPS is the ideal solution for localization in medium to large areas (even outdoor) and where there is no need for sub-meter accuracy and/or continuous real-time tracking.

In addition to the standard Wirepas mesh-based features, MeshIPS offers additional features, such as:

  • - estimate of the accuracy of the calculated position;
  • - tag status (presence/absence of movement, button push, alarm conditions, ...);
  • - possibility of integration with BlueUp BLE gateways, for real-time control of transits through entry/exit gates.

Those interested in getting more information on MeshIPS can contact us.