Discover the new TinyGateway family by BlueUp: versatility and IoT connection at your fingertips

BlueUp is proud to introduce the new TinyGateway family, a series of innovative products that allow to implement low-cost, robust and high-density short-range IoT applications, with unprecedented performance, offering advanced functionality in a compact and flexible format.

TinyGateway family includes ten different variants, each offering specific features to meet various user needs. All the devices of the family share the same platform based on the combination of the latest generation ESP32 S3 SoC and the Nordic nRF52832 SoC.

TinyGateway family supports Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz or Bluetooth Low Energy technologies, and for both the technologies are available WiFi and Ethernet versions (with PoE support), both in the standard model for indoor applications and in the rugged model (with IP65 protection) for outdoor and industrial applications. The LTE version with 4G LTE-M connectivity is also available in Wirepas technology (and coming soon in BLE technology).

The first variant of the TinyGateway family is TinyGateway WiFi Wirepas. This device, thanks to the Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz protocol, allows to build wireless networks with flexible mesh architecture, with low power consumption and low cost.
TinyGateway WiFi Wirepas introduces some important innovations in the panorama of gateways for 2.4GHz Mesh Wirepas networks. First of all, it is the first Wirepas gateway in the world based on ESP32 architecture: it is an innovation developed by BlueUp, which allows the cost of these devices to be significantly lowered. TinyGateway WiFi Wirepas supports connection over WLAN 802.11b/g/n, with WPA/WPA2/WPA2 Enterprise authentication and communication protocol with back-end (on-premises or in cloud) via standard MQTT API for Wirepas Gateway. Among the other salient features of TinyGateway WiFi Wirepas there is the dual power supply mode (via side USB-C connector or via internal connector) and the presence of a socket compatible with the standard MikroE format for expansion cards MikroE Click boards able to transform the gateway into TinySensor, IoT sensor with WiFi, Bluetooth LE or Wirepas communication.
For outdoor or industrial environments, the gateway is supplied in the version TinyGateway WiFi Outdoor Wirepas. This device comes with a rugged IP65-rated case, which enables to withstand environmental challenges and ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions.

If you need Ethernet connectivity, TinyGateway PoE Wirepas, which also provides support for PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) standard, is available. TinyGateway PoE Wirepas can be powered directly from Ethernet network with PoE support but also has a 5V USB-C power port. TinyGateway PoE Wirepas allows simple installation and intuitive configuration thanks to the web interface and HTTP APIs, and has full compatibility with the Wirepas back-end APIs. This device is also available in the variant for industrial and outdoor applications, TinyGateway PoE Outdoor Wirepas, with IP65 case and practical pole fixing system.

TinyGateway family also includes devices in versions with support for Bluetooth LE technology, which can be used as BLE tag locators for RTLS applications, scanners for real-time monitoring of beacons or BLE sensors, Bluetooth LE transmitters.

TinyGateway WiFi BLE stands out for its compact design, low price, flexibility and ease of use, all features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. TinyGateway WiFi BLE has a flexibility of communication protocols and encodings that has no equal on the market. In fact, it supports a large set of connection protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTP, MQTT) with different data encoding options (JSON, ASCII, raw-data) to ensure maximum flexibility when integrating with back-end systems. TinyGateway WiFi BLE is fully configurable remotely via HTTP API or MQTT, allowing intuitive control of the system. To have all the advantages of the BLE WiFi TinyGateway, but in an outdoor or industrial environment, TinyGateway WiFi Outdoor BLE is available.

TinyGateway PoE BLE and its version for outdoor and industrial applications, TinyGateway PoE Outdoor BLE provide Ethernet connectivity, with dual power supply options (5V via USB-C port or PoE via RJ45 port), and the same interface flexibility in terms of protocols and coding as the WiFi model.

Finally, the world's first cellular Wirepas gateway built on ESP32-based architecture is available. TinyGateway LTE Wirepas is super versatile: easy-to-use web interface for configuration , extensive API set for remote management, external LTE antenna connector, simple and durable hardware.
TinyGateway LTE is also coming in the BLE version.

Remember: all TinyGateway devices in the Bluetooth LE versions are able to operate in scanning-mode (as a BLE receiver), in advertising-mode (as a BLE beacon) or simultaneously in both modes.

BlueUp TinyGateway family offers innovative solutions for IoT connectivity. In fact, thanks to the versatility of the devices and the multiple connection options, whether you need a Wirepas or Bluetooth LE gateway, with WiFi or Ethernet connectivity, a solution for indoor, outdoor or industrial environments, TinyGateway family offers what you need to carry out your project easily, flexibly and at reduced costs.

What are you waiting for? Find the TinyGateway that is right for you, and try it now!

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