SafeX Tracer, wearable BLE tag for contact tracing and social distancing

Bluetooth Low Energy
beacons and sensors
for the Internet of Things

Bluetooth Low Energy, the IoT technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a key building block for the IoT, thanks to its pervasiveness (mobile devices support Bluetooth 4.0), low-power consumption and protocol optimization for low-rate transmission.
BlueUp supports you in your projects based on BLE devices and beacons, offering state-of-art and enterprise-grade products and solutions, tailored for your needs.

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Indoor navigation

Provide precise position information
in indoor and outdoor environments
with a network of BLE beacons

Industry 4.0

BLE beacons can be used as active RFID tags for
asset and people identification and tracking
in industrial and commercial environments

Mobile proximity services

Engage your customers when they walk nearby the shop window.
Offer free coupons, targeted discounts and proximity information.

Enrich and make immersive viewing experience
in a museum, a gallery or a trade fair,
offering localized information on mobile phones

Smart sensing

Integrated physical and environmental sensors
can transform any installation of BLE beacons
into a pervasive network of sensing devices
that can directly communicate with your smartphone

What is a BLE beacon?

A BLE beacon is a wireless device that periodically broadcast a Bluetooth Low Energy advertising packet, that is received by a smartphone and used to determine the position with respect to the beacon itself. This allows to provide "context-aware" information to the mobile user, opening up the possibility to connect the online (virtual) world with the offline (real) physical world.
BlueUp beacons are certified to support the two main BLE-beacon technologies on the market: iBeacon, launched by Apple in 2013, and Eddystone, launched by Google in 2015.

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Best-in-class BLE beacons

BlueUp offers one of the widest choice of BLE beacons on the market, the BlueBeacon series, especially developed for addressing real-world needs and enterprise-grade requirements.
Beacons are internally designed and Made in Italy. BlueBeacon-series beacons are based on the most advanced beacon firmware worldwide, the first one to support, at the same time, iBeacon, Eddystone and Quuppa frame formats and to guarantee full support for Eddystone specifications (including GATT service and encrypted Eddystone-EID frame).
Additionally, our beacons offer best-in-class technical features: highest flexibility for configuration, state-of-art RF performance, various power options, models specifically targeted to different applications.


Management and configuration app

BlueUp BLE beacons can be configured using our free management and configuration app, BlueBeacon Manager App.
BlueBeacon Manager App is compatible with BlueUp beacons running firmware version 5.0 or higher, the most powerful beacon firmware worldwide, the first one to support, at the same time, the following technologies: iBeacon, Eddystone (with full support for specifications) and Quuppa (a RTLS technology).
Encrypted-password access allows for highest security in configuration and management. Together with individual advertising slots configuration (up to 8 slots can be configured independently: 4 for Eddystone, 4 for iBeacon, Quuppa and/or sensors data), advanced options are available, such as enabling non-connectable mode, setting a daily operating time, resetting to factory configuration.

Download our new BlueBeacon Manager app to configure and manage your beacons (for iOS and Android).


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