Bluetooth Low Energy
beacons, tags and sensors
for identification, positioning,
tracking and sensing

Bluetooth Low Energy, the IoT technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a key building block for the IoT, thanks to its pervasiveness, low-power consumption and low cost. BlueUp supports you in your projects based on BLE devices and beacons, for identification, positioning, tracking and sensing applications, offering state-of-art and enterprise-grade products and RTLS solutions, tailored for your needs.

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SafeX Tracer, wearable BLE tag for contact tracing and social distancing

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Asset identification and tracking
Personnel localization
Real-time automatic inventory
Route and process optimization
Distributed monitoring

Safety and security

Access control
Contact-tracing and social distancing
Man-down and free-fall detection
Personal protective equipment automatic check


Doctors and staff safety
Emergency call
Localization of medical devices
COVID19 digital contact-tracing

Smart building and smart city

Indoor localization
Presence and occupation check
Proximity services
Environment quality monitoring

Technology partners